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Is it safe to dispose of your HD at home?

14.12.2011 16:49
It is more than acceptable to dispose of your hard drive disk at home. Most people just throw their computers in the trash when they purchase a new one, or they scrap certain parts and leave the rest in the dumpster. When it comes down to it, just throwing away your HD is not enough in today's...

Theft of data on 4M patients part of wider problem

17.11.2011 16:51
The theft of a computer containing information on more than 4 million patients of a major Northern California health care provider may be among the largest breaches of health care data in recent years, but it's far from the only incident of its kind. ... "Had this data been encrypted, you...

Gambling Industry Employee Sells Details of 65,000 Online Bingo Players.

11.11.2011 10:26
Ben-Ezra was found guilty of selling record sets of private data. Such data were related to customers of a Bingo site, which underwent to a big loss of public image. BladeBox was designed to prevent such situations:  come and check...

Nuovi sviluppi per Wiperaser

10.11.2011 12:00
Il team di sviluppo di 9PROOF sta effettuando i primi test sulla nuova tecnologia push-pull, che verrà introdotta nel 2012 nella nuova versione di Wiperares.

Benvenuti nel nostro nuovo sito

10.11.2011 10:00
9PROOF è lieta di annunciare il lancio del nuovo sito. Qui potrai trovare informazioni aggiornate sui servizi di consulenza in tecnologie dell'informazione che abbiamo da offrire, potrai accedere alle ultime notizie riguardanti  la gestione della conoscenza e dell'informazione a livello...

ICO calls for prison sentences for use of stolen data

01.08.2011 16:53
The UK should introduce prison sentences for using stolen personal data, says Information Commissioner Christopher Graham. Data theft is increasing and BladeBox is the best solution to avoid data stealing; come and...

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